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In these years we have worked for many different sectors, creating many different solutions for all our clients. But one thing has always remained the same: the attention we pay to every project, from large to small businesses. Over time, many of our customers have grown, others consolidated. What matters is that they continue to choose us to communicate their products, and we are proud to be by their side and contribute to their success, to achieve increasingly important results.

Below there are the preview of many projects that make us proud. To discover more, just click on Portfolio.
  • Brief analisys
  • Marketing plans
  • Creative strategy
  • Corporate Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Shape idea
  • Structural design
  • Mockup
  • Pop-up functions
  • Multi-utility
  • Papercraft production
  • Modelling
  • Textures
  • Rendering
  • Exhibition design
  • Media Graphic
  • Expos and displays design
  • Gadget selection or ideation
Below the line
  • Brand Styleguide
  • Stationery application
  • Font design and creation
  • Copy strategy
  • Storytelling
  • Creative Content
  • Content editing
  • website
  • banner communication
  • digital folder
Products are not objects to sell, but emotions to tell.

Our analysis combines marketing and intuition, innovation and concreteness, to effectively support the brands that want to grow on the contemporary market. For each project we develop a tailor-made creative strategy, starting from listening to the client, his needs and business ambitions.

We carefully analyze every detail of the brief, identifying solutions and methods, up to developing an operational path, which plans the main phases of the work, according to guidelines that are consistent and functional to the result.
For each project we imagine a world

We develop a storytelling that helps to communicate its uniqueness, to create a culture around the Brand.

In doing so, we always maintain an open, attentive and multi-perspective vision, which takes into consideration the creative impact and optimization of resources.

But also the choice of suitable professionals and the most functional media plan, in an open and dynamic comparison with the Brand team, enriching for all.
The result is a solution of high creative and strategic level, which communicates the right message to the target with a perfect balance of clarity and originality.

An innovative and often viral idea, which turns out to be functional to the client's requests, capable of creating engagement in the mind and heart of the people who will choose its products, generating emotion, fun, amazement.

Because, at the end of the path, this is the value of our work.
we like to travel to the furthest stars
We attended various editions of the Mediastar Award, the Technical Advertising Prize, one of the most authoritative accreditation in the industry, winning the Star as the best project in the most important categories.
We have been independent for 20 years and we will always be the same
It is the best condition to work, interact and evolve our skills and make them available to your needs. Whatever they are
We believe in the concreteness of ideas
Technical experience, analytical skills and common sense guide us along the path that is born of an intuition and leads to an invention. We are for a useful creativity, indispensable to overcome limits and find solutions that surprise the reason. Always
We were born in the era of advertising and grew up with the advent of digital
Today, Ecco is an agency with a broad strategic, creative and operational vision. Capable of a multidisciplinary approach that allows us to face every new challenge, and also every new media, with great reactivity, considerable flexibility and a strong innovative spirit
We consider ourselves men of trade, that of communication
As such, we develop tailor-made projects that stand out for precision, flexibility and attention to detail. In every phase of their realization. The result? Ideas perfectly adherent to the physique du role of your Brand
Every day we meet new talents who can enrich us professionally
The collaboration and the comparison with them, allows us to expand our operating field and our consulting activity. Packaging design, in store communication, brochures and websites, of course. But also pure advertising such as TV, radio communication and press campaigns or complex crossvertising projects
We are first men and then communicators
This helps us to think, plan and carry out work that can create relationships, facilitate contacts and stimulate reactions. Born from the knowledge of the context in which they will come to life and the sensitivity of those who will benefit from it
We are in Turin but also wherever you ask us to be there
In a market that no longer has borders, talent, experience and flexibility guide us to operate with the same effectiveness both where we have our roots and in emerging countries. This is where the big brands see new opportunities for their future. And it is there that, already today, we are learning to measure ourselves

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